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Roz Nay’s debut novel, Our Little Secret, was a national bestseller, won the Douglas Kennedy Prize for best foreign thriller in France, and was nominated for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Mystery and the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel Award. Her second bestselling novel, Hurry Home, was shortlisted for the Crime Writers of Canada Best Thriller of 2020The Hunted, her third book, came out in July 2021 and was nominated for Best Crime Novel 2022.

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“Keeps readers enthralled with prose that's at once lyrical and incisive.”

– Shelf Awareness

Roz Nay is a critically-acclaimed, bestselling author of three novels, a high school English teacher with eight years' experience, and an accredited editor. Her school of writing will draw upon all of these skills, offering in-person and virtual workshops, summer camps, after school classes, editing, mentoring, ghostwriting, and guided memoir.

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  • – <em>Entertainment Weekly</em>
    “Bound to draw comparisons to Ruth Ware and Sophie Hannah, Roz Nay’s crackling debut begins on the scene of a woman being interrogated by police for hours on end, and from there, unfurls a memorably twisted love story.”
    Entertainment Weekly
  • – <b>RUTH WARE</b>, author of <em>The Woman in Cabin 10</em>
    “A cracking read. Flicking back and forth from the first love to a police cell, "Our Little Secret" builds to a deliciously dark conclusion.”
    RUTH WARE, author of The Woman in Cabin 10
  • – <em>Toronto Star</em>
    “One of the best grip-lit titles of the year. . . . The writing, it must be said, is supremely seductive. Nay draws the reader in with compelling characters, deliciously dark themes, clever turns of phrase and heightened levels of suspense. What’s more, the intimate bond that Angela shares with charismatic, sun-kissed swim captain HP is nothing short of mesmerizing. Nay’s psychological thriller will have readers clamouring for more.”
    Toronto Star
  • — <b>Hannah Mary McKinnon</b>, author of <em>Her Secret Son</em> and <em>The Neighbors</em>
    “In Hurry Home, Roz Nay expertly creates real and deeply flawed characters who pull you in and hold you close, only to make you question and shift your allegiances as the story unfolds. This tale about two sisters who love—and love to hate—is as dark as it is twisty, emotional and suspenseful. It’s one that should be at the top of your ‘to read’ list right now.”
    Hannah Mary McKinnon, author of Her Secret Son and The Neighbors
  • — <b>ROBYN HARDING</b>, bestselling author of <em>The Party</em> and <em>The Arrangement</em>
    “A taut, beautifully written story of sisters, motherhood, and the kind of secrets that turn a person into a monster. You won’t know who to trust in this sinister tale of childhood gone wrong. I devoured it.”
    ROBYN HARDING, bestselling author of The Party and The Arrangement
  • — <b>SAMANTHA M. BAILEY</b>, author of <em>Woman on the Edge</em>
    “Roz Nay’s remarkable storytelling is only matched by her astonishing ability to make readers care deeply about her flawed, very real characters. In Hurry Home, Nay weaves a taut, stunning, suspenseful, gripping tale about two sisters forever connected through their lies and losses. Captivating and brilliant twists and turns, expert plotting and pacing, and an emotional, incredibly satisfying ending—it’s a must-read page turner.”
    SAMANTHA M. BAILEY, author of Woman on the Edge
  • - <b>Alex Segura</b>, acclaimed author of <em>Blackout</em> and <em>Dangerous Ends</em>
    “A chilling, sharply-written, and hard to put down book that explores the true weight of our past mistakes and secrets and the primal connection of sisterhood. A propulsive and can’t-miss novel that will have you speeding through until you reach its jaw-dropping conclusion. This one will be sticking with me for a while.”
    - Alex Segura, acclaimed author of Blackout and Dangerous Ends
  • Ashley Audrain
    "The Offing is a deliciously twisty adventure at sea that wastes no time making you guess who can and can’t be trusted (which you’ll do until the very end!), as two young friends navigate the kind of fear and paranoia that feels all too familiar in womanhood."
    Ashley Audrain
    #1 bestselling author of The Push and The Whispers
  • <em>Us Weekly</em>
    “Roz Nay’s addictive debut proves that dark secrets of the past cannot be forgotten.”
    Us Weekly
  • Hank Phillippi Ryan
    "A powder keg of a story! Seething and simmering with secrets--until it explodes with the shocking truth. The amazing Roz Nay grabs your emotions and twists your expectations in her haunting and unforgettable thriller. HURRY HOME is disturbing and sinister--and then, devastating. Wow."
    Hank Phillippi Ryan
    Nationally bestselling author of THE MURDER LIST
  • Hannah Mary McKinnon
    “Compelling, claustrophobic, and so creepily atmospheric, you may never set foot on a vessel again. One heck of a read!”
    Hannah Mary McKinnon
    Internationally bestselling author of The Revenge List
  • Heather Gudenkauf
    "The Offing is a maelstrom of a novel with a whip-smart plot, a break-neck pace, and an intriguing cast of characters with dueling loyalties and secrets as deep as the ocean. Not to be missed!"
    Heather Gudenkauf
    New York Times bestselling author of The Overnight Guest
  • Heather Gudenkauf
    If you love dark, compelling thrillers, Roz Nay’s HURRY HOME should be at the top of your to-be-read list. Through sisters, Alex and Ruth, Nay expertly delves into the complexities of shared histories, grief and family loyalties. Roz Nay delivers an enthralling tale full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless and asking, What just happened?
    Heather Gudenkauf
    NYT bestselling author of The Weight of Silence
  • — <b>Jennifer Hillier</b>, award-winning author of <em>Jar of Hearts</em> and <em>Little Secrets   </em>
    Hurry Home is everything you want in a psychological thriller: diabolical, venomous, and relentlessly entertaining. Roz Nay has crafted an absorbing, sinister read with an ending so shocking it will turn your emotions inside out and have you begging for more. I loved every twisted page.
    Jennifer Hillier, award-winning author of Jar of Hearts and Little Secrets   
  • — <b>Kaira Rouda</b>, international and USA Today bestselling author of <em>Best Day Ever</em> and <em>The Favorite Daughter</em>
    “Hurry Home is about sisters and secrets. It’s a twisty, gripping read with heart.”
    Kaira Rouda, international and USA Today bestselling author of Best Day Ever and The Favorite Daughter
  • - <b>Kate Moretti</b>, New York Times bestselling author of <em>The Vanishing Year</em>
    “In Hurry Home, Roz Nay manages to tug on your heartstrings while spinning a harrowing plot filled with hairpin twists. A close examination of a toxic sister relationship mixed with taut psychological suspense make for a one-sitting read, and Nay delivers the sought after shocking end a big way.”
    - Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Year
  • — <b>Kathleen Barber</b>, author of <em>Truth Be Told</em>
    “In Roz Nay’s twisty Hurry Home, nothing—and no one—is what it seems. Part nuanced exploration of how tragedy can shatter a family and part nail-biting psychological thriller, this book will keep you guessing until the end!”
    Kathleen Barber, author of Truth Be Told
  • - <b>Laurie Petrou</b>, author of <em>Sister of Mine</em> and <em>Love, Heather</em>
    “I zipped through this page-turner in record time. I read it while folding laundry, cooking, and blow drying my hair. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next in this twisty tale of sisterly betrayal. Good luck to you if you need to get anything done while reading this exciting book!”
    - Laurie Petrou, author of Sister of Mine and Love, Heather
  • Samantha M. Bailey
    "Roz Nay has written a chilling, gripping tale of deceit, revenge, and justice, proving once again that she's an undeniable force in the thriller genre."
    Samantha M. Bailey
    USA TODAY and #1 national bestselling author of A Friend in the Dark
  • - <b>Vanessa Lillie</b>, Amazon bestselling author of <em>Little Voices</em>
    “Compelling and unsettling, Hurry Home is a twisted tale of sisterhood and deftly explores how we may be done with the past, but it’s almost never done torturing us.”
    - Vanessa Lillie, Amazon bestselling author of Little Voices
  • - <b>Wendy Heard</b>, author <em>The Kill Club</em>
    Hurry Home is a fascinating character study where we’re never entirely certain who we’re supposed to be rooting for, taking us inside the lives of women struggling to shed past mistakes and start new lives while hiding from a growing tide of danger. A gripping exploration of how the darkness of the past can come to find us in the present, no matter how hard we try to run from it. Hurry Home is fascinating and gripping with gloriously realized characters.”
    - Wendy Heard, author The Kill Club
  • - <b>Wendy Walker</b>, national bestselling author of <em>The Night Before<em>
    “When two sisters are reunited after a horrific family tragedy, each with a different version of the events that drove them apart, the line between truth and fiction begins to vanish. Pitch-perfect and flawlessly constructed, Hurry Home is never what it seems, telling a new story with each turn of the page. A breath-stealing, edge-of-your seat thriller!”
    - Wendy Walker, national bestselling author of The Night Before

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